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Hardik Pandya and Sunny Bhanushali

Although our group at Aliens Tattoo, Celebrity Tattoo isn’t new to uncommon episodes and encounters, this time, it was unique. By and large, our work gives us these sorts of twisty, energizing, and remarkable happenings at customary stretches. Be that as it may, this time, an episode happened which offered an uncommon passionate mix of rush and dread.

​Not exaggerating. 😛

Things being what they are, what is this complaint about you may ponder? Peruse the remainder of the blog to think about it. Seven days sooner, Ishan Kishan, the IPL hard-hitting batsman was talking with Hardik Pandya while getting a full sleeve tattoo at our Malad Studio. During his heart to heart, Hardik Pandya demonstrated enthusiasm for getting tattooed himself and vowed to make a trip for meeting and if things worked out completely the same. After Ishan’s leave, the whole discussion was overlooked until one day got an instant message from the red hot all-rounder. After the merriments finished Hardik fixed a date.

Hardik Pandya Tattoo

It was an extraordinary second for us all because the people at Aliens tattoo are extremely wild about him. In any case, at that point who isn’t in India where cricket is just the default religion. A similar standard concerned us. We were the same. It was likewise our religion, my religion. In any case, we needed to assume it as a double job to commend our affection for cricket and ensure Hardik got what he was searching for. Along these lines, everything was wanted flawlessly. Or on the other hand, was it?

Hardik’s vehicle floated to a smooth stop simply outside our studio. After fast handshakes and some selfies, Hardik facilitated on the seat. In any case, before he could board his prerequisite an uproar outside the studio carried the discussion to an unexpected end. Grouped serenades and vociferous calls repeated and leaked in with emotional impact. They were the voices of Hardik fans. Hardik! Hardik!!

Their closeness to the studio turned me uncertain. There was no chance we could deal with the over-eager fans as their numbers continued expanding. What’s more, I was correct. Inside an hour the number expands to more than 200. It was a circumstance that requested some shrewd reasoning.

I understood there was just a single method to get the group scattered. Solicitation Hardik to show up before them, and possibly offer an affirmation. Hardik said it was an insightful choice and cheerfully consented to smooth down the group’s enthusiasm. The stunt worked however not before he obliged to many selfies and a few gathering photographs. 23 nd July 2019–10:00 PM

Anyway, is that the finish of the story? God help us! There is more dramatization to it. Following day, after a long, persistent meeting the tattooing was finished. Our visitor celebrity gave indications of weariness. It was an insight, and I rapidly deciphered this inconspicuous sign. The time had come to offer farewell.

By and by the circumstance outside went for a throw. Another arrangement of individuals encompassed Aliens Tattoo studio. Hardik’s essence had some way or another spread and now arrived at a point which turned us attentive. As a matter of fact, dread would be a well-suited word. There were individuals all over the place, even on the dividers and out and about. The circumstance seemed tangible. There was no chance I could demand Hardik to emphasize his prior exhibition — of conciliating the group. He looked excessively drained and in discomfort.In truth, he needed to get moving. Aliens Tattoo staff indeed surged outside, quieted the individuals, and mentioned them that they move back and permit Hardik to leave. Notwithstanding, it had little impact.Hardik! Hardik!! Also, the reciting proceeded once again.”I came here legitimately from school. My folks are stressed over me and need to know my whereabouts,” said a youthful student.”We are holding up here since evening,” said another gathering of adolescents, bouncing up to click photos with their versatile phones. The words were basically significant declarations. In dislike of our earnest attempts, the fans gave no indication of pulling back. Inside the studio our cerebrums ran in overclock mode, scanning for an approach to control Hardikfrom the studio to his vehicle. Notwithstanding, none of them appeared well and good. At long last, I decided to offer our star client and cricket’s generally appreciated and adored personality a fake Z security.

About six individuals from Aliens Tattoo surrounded Hardik and afterward poked him to stroll towards his holding up the vehicle. It was a worthless endeavor. About six colleagues were deficient for 200 energized fans. At long last we managed to get

him inside the vehicle yet not before some unpalatable endeavors and activities.

It was an encounter that dominated every other experience. Also, trust me we’ve had many!

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